Perfect BBQ Steak on the Run

We do a lot of motorcycle touring. Since my wife learned to ride, we have toured up and down the west coast, from mainland Alaska to southern California. We mix it up between camping, motels and hotels (depending on the location, weather and how many miles on the day).

Steak and cous-cous with a view

Steak and cous-cous with a view

Along the way we’ve learned how to close the comfort gap between camping and hotels. From the full sized air mattress to French press coffee, we make the most of the great outdoors. But it’s the dinner where we really go all out. On the first or second evening, we score a steak dinner with red wine. Here’s how.

First, get yourself a good cut of steak. A ribeye without bone is my favorite for this circumstance. Next, make a steak rub. I like this one from Epicurious. Or you can just buy this Top Secret dry rub.

Prepare the steaks with the rub at least a day or two before you leave. Put the rubbed steaks in a freezer bag and into the freezer. Freeze them solid.

For the trip, pack the frozen steaks into a small cooler (they work great to keep the eggs and cheese cool for the next morning’s breakfast).

A full day on the road in the sun with no ice will thaw the steaks nicely.

Find a campground with grill-top fire pits. Or, go full backcountry and carry one of these portable grills. Build a good hot fire with one or two heavier, slower-burning logs. Arrange the fire under the grill so that you have hot areas and cooler areas. Start the steaks on the hot area to sear both sides, then move to the cooler area for indirect cooking to desired done goodness.

Steamed broccoli and cous cous are super-easy sides that can be cooked quickly with just one stove and pot set (or all on the fire for pros.) A bottle (or bag- just discard the box) of red wine completes the ensemble. Travelling with the sweetie? After this meal, you’ll want to be sure that air mattress is fully inflated!

Happy camping!

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